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Organic products

coming from small farmer producers.

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Sustainable products

with organic certification.

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High standard

quality products.

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Agronomic management

and friendly environmental crops.

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Spreading confidence

for a better world. Organic family

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Project with social responsibility.

About us

Organic Supply is a company established on 2014 to improve production and commercialization of organic sustainable agricultural products generating employment and projects with social responsibility in areas where the company develops its operations.

Our associated producers that are part of the ORGANIC FAMILY have developed a serious commitment to protect the environment so their crops are managed under a high standard of clean and sustainable production applying economic, social and environmental principles.

Organic Supply manages, buys, processes and commercializes the RSPO-IP byproducts of the organic fruits of the oil palm as well as other products such as passion fruit, cocoa, pepper, moringa, soursop, abaca; these are integrating crops and a way to avoid the monoculture and its negative effects. Our producers receive fair payments, higher than the local prices.

Our concrete and transparent corporative actions build trust in our producers and at the same time collaborate for the development of a sustainable market that offers convenient prices and high quality organic products. These products come from our 72 producers who are guided by our team of technical agronomists who verify that all the organic rules and sustainable guidance of the RSPO are applied.

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Our products include: Crude Palm Oil Organic and RSPO-IP, RBD, Stearin, Olein, Kernel Oil and kernel Cake, see the slider for specific information and Technical SpecsSheets.

Crude Palm Oil Organic and RSPO-IP

Our oil is obtained through a physical process of cooking and pressure, no artificial chemical or solvent are added.

One of the main characteristics of our Crude Palm Organic Oil is to be the source of carotenoids and energy.

Nutritional properties Crude Palm Organic Oil RSPO-IP

  • Natural source of vitamin A and E
  • It does not have cholesterol
  • It is an energy source
  • It does not have trans fatty acids
  • It does not represent a risk factor for coronary heart disease
  • Prevents vitamin A deficiency

Oil palm is obtained from the pulp of the fruit and represents approximately 20% of the fresh weight of a bunch. At Organic Supply we fulfill the requirements and strict standards for organic production, so it is guaranteed that our oil is free of pesticide residues or harmful substances.

See Technical SpecsSheet


This product is obtained through parameters in which temperature does not exceed 240 ° C at a pressure of one bar. Filtering clays come from natural mines and are used for the bleaching of the product. These clays are strengthened with citric acid and finally rosemary oleoresin is used as an antioxidant. Shortening and stearin are obtained from this product.

See Technical SpecsSheet


Organic Supply offers a hard stearin with a melting point above 50 °C which provides the versatility to produce creams, cakes, ice cream, cookies and cosmetic products.

See Technical SpecsSheet


Ideal product for frying, its high point of smoke allows the maximum use of oil, reducing energy consumption and labor. The frying product gets less coated with oil after the frying process.

See Technical SpecsSheet

Kernel Oil and kernel Cake

These products are obtained from the kernel of each seed of the bunch. Kernel Oil is ideal to prepare chocolate, cakes and cosmetic products. Kernel cake is rich in proteins and energy and is used in the preparation of food for cattle, poultry and shrimp.

See Technical SpecsSheet Kernel Oil

See Technical SpecsSheet Kernel Cake

Fatty Acid

During the refining process fatty acids are separated, with an acidity of 85%, it is suitable for the production of soaps and detergents.

Integrated Organic Crops

Our Integrated Organic Crops include Organic Passion Fruit see the slider for specific information and Technical SpecsSheets.

Organic Passion Fruit

Organic Supply offers a wide range of organic passion fruit products. After years of trials to develop the know-how required for a successful organic management of the crop, we now cultivate the yellow variety of passion fruit (Pasiflora flavicarpa) which can be sold as fresh fruit, juice or pulp, extract and even fully dehydrated. This gives our farmers excellent alternatives when the low-yield period of the oil palm comes.

See Technical SpecsSheet

Social Projects

Organic Crops has several social projects, as part of its support to the community, among these projects are: Soccer School, Nurseries of Native Forest Plants, Biol and Compost Production, Training communities and employees producers and Giving support to control bud rot disease, see the slider for more information.

Soccer School

In the close communities to our producers a sports project is carried out. Young kids between 6 – 17 years old practice soccer every afternoon and develop skills improving their strengths. To be part of this social project there are three essential conditions, the students must attend school, maintain an adequate academic record and have the support of their parents. The community enjoys friendly soccer games with other teams of the area. The main objectives of this project is to keep young people away from drugs and to help them develop healthy habits of life, giving them the opportunity to make themselves known to minor soccer leagues of professional teams.

Nurseries of Native Forest Plants

Through our native tree nurseries we provide producers with a variety of native trees that are used to restore forest areas where the topography and the quality of the soil are not economical profitable. So producers are encouraged to recover the natural environment and restore natural ecosystems.

Biol and Compost Production

Organic fertilizers made by Organic Supply, biol (fair cost) and compost (free) are given to our producers to be applied to the crops. This is a way to motivate the producers in their commitment to manage their crops under the highest standards of organic and sustainable production.

Training communities and employees producers

We believe that a good and adequate preparation and updating on agricultural organic issues is basic for our producers. This is a way to help them to increase their production in a sustainable organic agriculture.

Giving support to control bud rot disease

Due to the presence of bud rot disease in the Oil Palms that is affecting the crops in Ecuador, we give free traps to our producers to place them on their farms. The idea is to reduce the presence or an insect called Rinchophurus palmarum that seems to be the possible responsible of the transmission of the disease.

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